Brand-independent and Generic Training Platform
  • Simulation of various X-ray equipment
  • Generic platform that can easily support non-X-ray imagery
  • Generic tools that allow training at different levels: Managers can define ANY training program for ANY role, not necessarily related to image interpretation
Adjustable, Flexible and Modular Platform
  • Availability of internet-based, intranet-based and standalone versions, easily adapted to any single, multi-site or worldwide organization’s equipment and operation
  • Centralized and well-designed database allows for ongoing new updates of images, data and use cases
  • Sophisticated tools allow users to seamlessly combine images of single objects with container (bag/box/etc.) images
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure allows for easy integration with advanced modules (e.g., Red Team training, planning and tracking and proficiency tracking)
  • Secured system access provides layered login/permission access: user (operator, trainee); team leader or class trainer; instructor; global administrator; etc.

Ease-of-Use and Unique Functionality
  • Self-explanatory and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Localization: The system is provided in multiple languages
  • Real-time ‘replay’ feature enhances the training process (simulates on-the-job supervision and guidance)
  • Reports allowing security managers or trainers to retrieve reports in order to monitor progress and performance