April 2015


APRIL 2015

 Enhance your Security Management Skills in a

 5 day international executive course

September 6-10, 2015, Israel

X-TEST, in cooperation with Green Light Ltd aviation security training and consultancy, invites you to deepen your knowledge of security in an advanced security management course, geared especially for security, transportation and secured location managers.

X-TEST takes you beyond the parameters of any traditional security and screening course, with our unique blend of lectures, site visits, workshops and demonstrations. Our state-of-the-art training center, specifically tailored to resemble an airport security checkpoint, along with our unique solutions for training and security operations, give you close access to today’s most advanced technology for detecting current and evolving threats.


Learn How To:

  • Develop and deliver effective instruction using acquired techniques and procedures
  • Explain aviation security concepts and procedures
  • Manage security shift workforce efficiently
  • Conduct covert tests and audits

Main Topics:

  • Threats to civil aviation
  • Behavior analyses
  • Emergency management (resilience solutions) 
  • Security measures for passengers, cargo, mail and catering
  • X-ray screening operations
  • Explosives and improvised explosive devices
  • Red Team and drills
  • Responding to major security emergencies
  • Checkpoint management & design
  • Building a training program



  •  Live Explosives Range
  •  Explosives Concealment Techniques
  •  Advanced Screening Processes
  •  Computer-based Training Software







    Come participate and experience!




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Our contact details are:
Address: Tamar Group, Caesarea Industrial & Business Park
20 Harduf Hanehalim St., PO Box 3215, Caesarea 3088900
Phone number, Rami: +972-545678462

E-mail: info@x-test.com