May 2015


MAY 2015

Tamar Group launches new innovative XRD simulant

Our new C4 simulant is compatible with X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) equipment


Tamar Group is a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced training aids, computer-based security management and training platforms; and the provider of unique courses that assist security personnel to enhance their proficiency in detecting evolving threats using a wide range of applications.

Our new innovative XRD simulant triggers a ‘military’ type alarm in XRD systems,while maintaining the basic physical ‘touch and feel’ properties, such as density, Zeff, CT number, texture and color.

XRD is a method that does not alter the material being inspected. It provides the unique characteristics of X-Ray diffraction associated with a crystal structure, while maintaining a low false-alarm rate (based on Bragg’s Law).



In recent years, the use of XRD technology for detection of illicit materials has become more prominent in advanced aviation security. For example, Ben Gurion Airport in Israel incorporated this technology into its advanced Hold Baggage System (HBS). 


Tamar Group works very closely with regulators, manufacturers and end users around the world. Their demand for XRD-compatible simulants triggered an intensive R&D activity in this area and has resulted in this latest innovation.  

According to Mr. Boaz Hayoun, Tamar Group CEO, "Tamar Group’s Explosives Laboratory is committed to providing the most advanced stimulants and associated technologies for addressing evolving threats. We strongly believe that our efforts to provide high quality inert explosive materials will benefit our customers when qualifying XRD equipment and training security officers.” 



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