February 2013

Five-Day International Security Course

For Executive Managers and Directors in the Security Arena
June 16-20, 2013, Tel Aviv, Israel

Be immersed in today's most essential topics of security, for five days. This unique course contains an outstanding fusion of theory and hands-on activity. This includes lectures by today's top Security and Explosives experts, a day of live demonstration at the Tamar explosive range, and a groundbreaking seminar, “In the Eye of the Attacker.”

Designed for Security managers, supervisors and
instructors, the course will focus on security considerations
in a wide range of Security sectors including:
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Customs
  • Transportation
  • Checkpoint hubs
  • Law enforcement

  • Participants will learn about the latest security challenges, procedures and training tools, and the most advanced, innovative technologies in security screening. They will be introduced to recent threats and acquire vital management tools, specific to their field. Other crucial areas to be addressed include:

    • Live demonstration day focusing on various terror attack cases, at the Tamar explosives range
    • Design aspects of checkpoints, involving personnel and luggage screening
    • Means for enhancing security personnel proficiency
    • Operating the training and testing aids
    • Knowledge-based security operation management system
    • ‘In the Eye of the Attacker' seminar
    • Red Team – design and execute

    Security personnel are the first line of defense and the most effective countermeasure when combating crime and terrorism. Technology is only useful when placed in the hands of well trained, intelligent, alert, dedicated and team-oriented individuals.

    Tamar Group's X-Test™ and XD systems were developed precisely for this purpose – to teach, train and monitor system operators and security agents, and to ensure that they attain the required level of proficiency.

    The course is limited to 20 students. Upon completion, participants will receive a professional diploma from The Tamar Group.

    Tamar Group is committed to providing innovative products and services at the highest professional level to a wide range of customers and partners.

    For registration and more information please contact info@x-test.com

    *Course is contingent on a minimum number of participants.